As the red BREAKING NEWS banner appeared : ‘MP STABBED’ my gut instinct told me it was too surreal to be true.  I remained suspended in a weird, slightly shocked/slightly disbelieving state for hours as I continued to follow the story as it unfolded.  However, the more I read the more my gut told me something wasn’t quite right…..

The news that Brendan went straight onto twitter to post a  picture of her after hearing she had died was the first of many stories which aroused some serious subconscious alarm bells in me.  By the end of the day, and after following the breaking news with forensic detail (and with more concern and less embarrassed laughter than the actual forensics involved may I add!-see image) I knew my initial gut reaction was to be believed.  This lead to me devouring every single piece of Jo Cox related media I could get my hands on from then onwards in search of the truth.  During the last 8 months I have come across some striking pieces of information, which challenge a lot of what we have been told about this incident.  I now strongly believe that Jo Cox wasn’t actually killed that day.  The only thing that died that day was the last slither of hope I had that the UK was a democracy.  What it was was in fact was a staged psychological operation (and last ditch attempt) to emotionally manipulate the public into voting remain in the referendum the following week.  (There are a few other secondary beneficiaries to this psy-op too – which I will explain- however the former was the driving motive).

The majority of what we are told is done with the intention of deliberately manipulating us for someone else’s gain. I had no idea just how bad this was until I started researching the Jo Cox Hoax.  At the point of initiating research, I was pretty oblivious to the sinister, covert operations which are being orchestrated by governments against their people.  Obviously I did not believe the official 9/11 story, and was open to reading any future developments which came in which challenged the official narrative. But that was pretty much where it stopped.  Thanks to researching this I now realise this was not a stand alone event. Psy-ops and false flags are insidious tools used liberally by global governments.  So thank you Jo et. al. for opening my eyes.

However, this is not just an exercise in speculating on the motives and the people behind this.  The purpose of this blog is really to shine a very bright light on the false news that we are force-fed by the corporate media. By showing up their ‘fake news’ in contrast to reality, the truth will speak for itself. I intend to separate each area surrounding the Jo Cox psy-op and tackle them on individual posts for the purposes of clarity.

I hope this blog informs, or at the very least entertains, and that you enjoy it a fraction as much as I enjoyed researching it!


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